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Elif Gülin Soğuksu was born in Istanbul, 1998. She’s a composer, sound artist, performer and

sound engineer. Her artistic works combine elements from sound technologies, live-
electronics, electro-acoustic and acoustic music, sound objects, performance arts, visual arts,

digital arts. She regularly collaborates with many interdisciplinary fields. She performs and
improvises in projects with her vocal, violoncello and live-electronics.
In 2016, having received both merit-based and achievement scholarships, she continued her
education at Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department. She is currently studying composition,
music theory, performance and sound technologies.
Between 2016 and 2018, she performed in Boğaziçi Caz Korosu (Boğaziçi Jazz Choir) as a
singer and they had a lot of concerts in many parts of Turkey, mostly in Istanbul.
During her studies, she participated in many different masterclasses and festivals.
In 2020, her acoustic composition “Marlene’s Faces” had been premiered at Bilgi New Music
Festival 11 by AWKAS Ensemble.
Right after, she started to be a member of Istanbul Bilgi University Laptop Orchestra (IBULOrk)
which is a computer-based ensemble with five musical instruments each consisting of a laptop
computer and interfacing equipments. They had their first live concert at HOOD Base on
March, 2020.
Besides her compositional and performer output, she also works in many sound technology
fields as a sound engineer, sound designer and technician.
She worked as a sound designer for online audio performance “Talk Tomorrow” during the
She published her first multimedia work “Re:Rosas!” which is for three dancer, video and
Now, she is currently working as a sound engineer for digital media and she is continuing her
artistic works by making solo projects and collaborating with many musicians and artists in
different settings to broaden her creativity and enrich her sonic language.

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